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Bag of Marbles 1.1 Update and iPad Edition

The 1.1 update for Bag of Marbles and Bag of Marbles Free has been submitted and will go live in a few days.  The patch notes are:

-Fixed game breaking bug when skipping a level and then hitting the zoom button

-Hitting ‘Restart Level’ at the end of a level will no longer reset any game pieces that were placed

The iPad edition of Bag of Marbles was also submitted and we expect it to go on sale late next week.

Bag Of Marbles

Are you ready for a challenging puzzle game that allows you to design the game as you play? BAG OF MARBLES is a revolutionary game with 60 levels of unique and original challenges.

Each level in BAG OF MARBLES gives the user tools to help them slingshot the marble through a series of obstacles and land in the bag.


+ Slingshot a variety of marbles through a series of obstacles and player placed game pieces to complete each level.

+ Game pieces include rubber bands, wood blocks, glass cubes, fans, hover blocks and more!

+ Accurate physics in each level add to the challenge.

+ Three marbles with unique and individual characteristics.

+ 60 unique and challenging levels with hundreds of new levels coming soon.

+ Frequent Free updates with new levels and in-game game pieces.

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